The Townsend Family Recipe for Disaster

ISBN-13: 9781464221637

Shauna Robinson
July 2, 2024

| 352 pages

Fiction / Women / African American & Black / Women / Southern

One estranged family. One lost recipe. One last barbecue on the line. Mae is about to learn what happens when things go south…

Mae Townsend has always dreamed of her family in the South. With a long-ago rift estranging her late-father from his Black family in North Carolina, Mae grew up hearing stories of relatives that looked like her and of family traditions that Mae listened to with longing. Most notably, the annual Fourth of July barbecue, the epicenter of the Townsend family. Years later, as Mae looks at her wedding seating chart, mentally calculating all the white faces that will be staring back at her as she prepares to marry her perfect, saltine-cracker of a fiancé, not knowing the Townsends hits her like a blow.