A Family of Killers

ISBN-13: 9781728293332

Bryce Moore
August 6, 2024
Trade Paperback

| 384 pages

Young Adult Fiction / Horror / Thrillers & Suspense / Mysteries & Detective Stories / Historical

From the author of The Perfect Place to Die and Don't Go to Sleep comes another chilling horror tale of a young man who investigates a string of disappearances, including his father; what he learns after spending the night with the unsettling Bender family will change his world forever...

Seventeen-year-old Warren is haunted by a sinister voice in his head urging him to commit unspeakable acts of violence on the people around him. He is horrified by the voice and does everything in his power to ensure there is no way for him to hurt anyone. However, rumors begin to spread about a string of disappearances in southeastern Kansas, only 70 miles away from his family's farm, and his father hasn't returned from what was supposed to be a simple trip. Warren knows he needs to stop living in fear so he can find his father.