We Need No Wings

ISBN-13: 9781728258508

Ann Dávila Cardinal
September 10, 2024
Trade Paperback

| 304 pages

Fiction / Women / Magical Realism / Hispanic & Latino

Teresa Sanchez, a direct descendent of St. Teresa of Ávila, finds herself lost after her retirement...until the day she begins to levitate

Teresa Sanchez always knew who she was. But when she reaches the age of sixty and retires from her university position, her husband dies unexpectedly. Her son is grown and living across the country. Day after day, she finds herself wandering in the garden of her home, lost.

Until the day she levitates.

Shocked but somehow not frightened by this new skill, she begins to quietly investigate the phenomenon. When her aunt in Puerto Rico reminds her that they are said to be descended from St. Teresa of Ávila, who was known to have visions and, in fact, levitate, Teresa feels something click into place. She spontaneously decides to take a trip to Ávila, Spain, and dig deeper into St. Teresa's 16th-century life there.