This Ravenous Fate

ISBN-13: 9781728297866

Hayley Dennings
August 6, 2024

| 480 pages

Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Historical / Vampires / LGBTQ+

In this fantasy of Jazz Age Harlem, where warring factions of oligarchs, gangsters, and vampires vie for power and control, a young vampire and the girl who once betrayed her are drawn to one another

It's 1926 and reapers, the once-human vampires with a terrifying affliction, are on the rise in New York. But the Saint family's thriving reaper-hunting enterprise holds reign over the city, more powerful than even the organized criminals who run the nightclubs. Eighteen year-old Elise Saint, home after five years in Paris, is the reluctant heir to the empire. Only one thing weighs heavier on Elise's mind than her family obligations: the knowledge that the Harlem reapers want her dead.