The Striker

ISBN-13: 9781464223327

Ana Huang
October 22, 2024
Trade Paperback Fiction / Romance / New Adult / Contemporary / Sports

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ana Huang comes a steamy sports romance series following the players of Holchester United. British soccer star Asher Donovan is known for his recklessness, but nothing is as risky as falling for the sister of his greatest rival.

She's the only woman he wants...and the only one he can't have.

Asher Donovan is a living legend—the darling of the Premier League, the (arguably) greatest footballer in the world.

But his reckless antics and recent team transfer have caused much controversy, and when his feud with his rival-turned-teammate costs them a championship, they’re forced to “bond” during off-season cross-training.

Surviving the summer shouldn’t be hard…until Asher meets their new trainer. She’s beautiful, talented, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t take his mind off her.