ISBN-13: 9781464220678,
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Covenant (#2)
July 9, 2024
Trade Paperback  
| 464 pages

Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Romance / Contemporary / Legends, Myths, Fables / Greek & Roman

From #1 NYT bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout comes a relaunch of the Covenant series, in which seventeen-year-old half-blood Alex finds herself not only crushing on a forbidden pure-blood, but in danger of staying alive long enough to graduate the Covenant and becoming a daimon-hunting Sentinel.

You must stay away from the one who brings nothing but heartache and death. Know the difference between need and love, fate and future.

Alex would give anything to be a normal half-blood, but she can’t escape her destiny: On her eighteenth birthday, she will Awaken to become the second Apollyon, which has only ever happened once before. And it didn’t end well.