Promises and Pomegranates

ISBN-13: 9781464233159
Sav R. Miller
Series: Monsters & Muses (#1)
September 24, 2024
| 432 pages

Fiction / Romance / Contemporary / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology / Romance / Billionaires

Doctor Kal Anderson assumes his heart worked at some point. But at thirty-two years old, it seems to play a mechanical role at best. His cold, emotionless existence gives him an edge as a fixer and in-house physician for the Mafia, while his judgment is impartial and complication-free. Until Elena Ricci, his boss’s twenty-year-old daughter.

After admiring the heartless doctor from afar most of her life, Elena catches him in a moment of weakness, and the pair shares a night of passion as they attempt to work each other from their systems. Only, the night seems to have the opposite effect. Elena is no longer a simple temptation to Kal, but a necessity. An obsession. One he won’t let anyone stand in his way of—even if that means crashing her wedding to another man, forcing her hand in marriage, and stealing her away to the corrupt island he resides on.