I'm Sorry for My Loss

ISBN-13: 9781728292755,
: An Urgent Examination of Reproductive Care in America
Rebecca Little, Colleen Long
September 24, 2024
| 496 pages

Social Science / Women's Studies  / Death & Dying / Feminism & Feminist Theory / Family & Relationships / Death, Grief, Bereavement / Psychology / Grief & Loss

A comprehensive sociological look at the laws, pop culture, medicine, and history surrounding female grief and pregnancy loss, how it came to be so stigmatized, and what a system of more compassionate care could look like, from Pulitzer Prize finalist and White House correspondent Colleen Long and freelance journalist Rebecca Little.

Rebecca Little and Colleen Long are journalists and childhood friends who both experienced pregnancy losses past 20 weeks. In the days, weeks, and months that followed, they searched desperately for information to help them process what they had been through. But they found nothing.