How to Piss Off Men

ISBN-13: 9781728291925
: 109 Things to Say to Shatter the Male Ego
Kyle Prue
September 17, 2024
Trade Paperback  
| 144 pages

Humor / Topic / Men, Women & Relationships  / Celebrity & Popular Culture

Your ultimate handbook for verbally destroying any man's ego

Have you ever been badgered by an annoying pick-up artist at the bar? Ever felt a burning desire to emotionally torture a friend’s boyfriend in an act of revenge? Have you ever endured just talking to a man before?

If so, then this book is for you.

With more than 100 phrases, questions, and comebacks, How to Piss Off Men is your essential guide to sending even the most relentless mansplainer into an existential crisis. Whether it’s referring to his expensive NFL jersey as “cosplay” or letting him know he has the confidence of a much taller man, this handbook will ensure you’re equipped to combat toxic masculinity in any situation.*

* The advice in this book has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness. Even on the author, bless his heart.